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Welcome!  I’m Sarah and I hope we can bake together.  My love affair with this culinary art originated as it has for so many others – in childhood.  I remember the promise contained in my mother’s flour-dusted yellow Tupperware measuring cups (why did so many manufacturers stop making a ¾ c measure, anyway?).

My love of baking, however, is much deeper than the satisfaction of the finished product.  Baking is meditative and joyful; you can shed your worries and lose yourself in the process of creation (Kerri Russell’s depiction of this in Waitress was dead-on…and a must-see for all bakers).

But it is so much more than a personal experience – it is a communal one that often brings people closer.  Baking is a way of tradition and celebration for families.  Friends share their failures, successes and the techniques that got them there.  Complete strangers often engage in a brief yet significant mentoring process in the baking aisle.  Then, of course, there is the usually collective enjoyment of the result.  A homemade baked good says “I care about you so much that I made this for you” and all join in on the same culinary adventure as they taste the first few bites. Can’t you just hear the chorus of “Mmmmm”s right now?

Despite how much I absolutely adore baking, however, I love fantasizing and talking about it even more (is there a medical term for that?).  Have you ever gotten so lost in your favorite baking books or magazines that you didn’t end up baking a thing? Re-play that scenario about a million times and you’ll understand why I’m not the expert I would hope to be after so much time dedicated to “baking.”

In an effort to expand beyond my still novice horizons, I will be documenting my journey as I bake one new item every few weeks beginning in April.  This will include tackling both sweet and savory recipes – if I need an oven, it’s fair game (that should sound less ominous than it does).  As many in this day and age, I’m on a tight budget so I’ll include how much beyond my “basic pantry” the recipe cost for ingredients and any “required” gadgets.  All the while, I’ll be sure to bear in mind my grandmother’s mantra of “presentation is everything.”  On alternating posts, I’ll be on the hunt for tips from experts and other baking discoveries that I will share.  Any tips or words of wisdom you have to share will be much appreciated along the way.

Until then, I’ll be posting some tools and resources here with the hopes that you’ll join me in what I hope to be a truly interactive baking community.

Happy whisking!

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Jayne Steinmetz April 3, 2011 at 4:36 pm

I love this picture of you and remember the cookbook, “Fun to Cook Foods” from MY childhood…that’s a long time, making this a “classic” by all measures. I love the way your hair is already tied back, as if you were ready for the kitchen~ you just need your apron! As a baby, you used to sit on the counter next to me as I mixed everything, perhaps the sound of a mixer is one of the early sounds you heard.


Barbie September 19, 2011 at 1:07 pm

Hi Sarah!

How nice of you to start something like this. I’ve also started blogging in the hopes of documenting my cooking and baking adventures. So far, so good I must say. :)

Cheers to you and your blog — and here’s me joining you in your adventure! :D


Anne December 10, 2012 at 10:18 am

Sarah! I love cooking and baking! I used to cook dinner for the Priests at St John’s in Green Bay. (my Uncle James) There I experimented with so many different dishes. It was one of the happiest memories from my high school years. My Mother was an excellent cook, and I learned so much from her, also from my sister Joan (who cooked for the priests first and then left for college opening the way for me).
Great articles…thanks for sharing your passion!


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