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So it turns out that blogging is harder than I thought.  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s up there with rocket science, but it’s taken me a bit  more noodling than anticipated to figure out how to integrate what I want into what I have.

Okay, the pity party is over.  And besides, you’re not here for that now are you?

I thought it best to include a little more context before diving in so you had an idea of what we’re working with here.  Behold, the scene of all future crimes:

Doesn’t the black and white add to the suspense?


What will happen in here next?


Can you even stand it?




This is the first kitchen that is truly mine.  Well, ours, if accuracy is helpful.  We have been living in our first home for less than a year and got lots of help and dirtied plenty of clothes to make it feel more like ours.  Though that adventure is far from over, it’s amazing how much it helps to no longer have cupboards with neon green on the inside.  I’m just not a neon kind of person.

Having been raised to be a polite host, please now allow me to introduce my fellow residents.  Rick is my husband and ever the dedicated taste tester.  Izze (the grey cat) and Daphne Moon Fraiser Crane (the brown cat) would like to be testers more often as well, but their palates aren’t yet sophisticated enough.  Luckily, they’re content to instead balance on objects, hang out in enclosed spaces or keep me company while I get my blog on.

I also thought it’d try to answer the age-old question that keeps many awake at night…can the contents of one’s pantry really be captured by a photo?

The answer, in case you’re wondering, is no.  Well, perhaps if one was more of a skilled photographer, but I played with a Photomerge to combine a few photos here.  I cheated a bit and threw in a few of my tools as well as I felt them relevant.  You can’t see it very well, but notice the white/clear box peeking out from underneath the parchment paper?  That, my friend, is a 3-Drawer Organizer I picked up from Target that has salvaged my sanity.  In there, I have been able to stash all of my  measuring cups and spoons, cookie cutters and other random loose objects (such as my hand blender whisks).  Our kitchen is big on cupboards, but not so much on drawers so this little beaut has done wonders for me.

Which is a perfect segue to my next post!  I have been working to bring you the best baking supplies list ever and it is near completion.  So please, stay tuned!  And let me know what you think so far or if you have any handy tools that have made baking life easier for you.

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