Knife Skills Part II: sharpening your knives and associated risks

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One of the keys to effective knife skills is keeping your tool sharpened. Our knife skills class chef had concerns about professional knife sharpening as the high speeds of the mill can remove a significant part of the blade.  She suggested, instead, an affordable two-step process. 1. Frequently use a sharpening steel to get the kinks [...]

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Pizza Parties!

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One of my favorite baking together discoveries of this past year is the joy of making pizzas with friends.  It all started with my last birthday… Caryl, one of my co-workers, had told me of the fun she has with make-your-own-pizza parties and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it.  I wanted to [...]

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Eat Local

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My mom wrote a book!  Eat Local: Simple Steps to Enjoy Real, Healthy & Affordable Food is a handbook for folks of all “local” interest/expertise levels and is jam-packed with helpful info. My mom’s love of local extends beyond her work as a professor/director/coordinator at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point; she also works extensively on [...]

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Christmas Cookie Baking

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In my family growing up, cookie baking for Christmas was often a group affair.  While the meditation of baking alone has an important place in my life, I feel as though Christmas cookies must be baked with others to reap the full rewards of the process.  The anticipation of rolling dough, the grave task of [...]

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