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My mom wrote a book!  Eat Local: Simple Steps to Enjoy Real, Healthy & Affordable Food is a handbook for folks of all “local” interest/expertise levels and is jam-packed with helpful info.

My mom’s love of local extends beyond her work as a professor/director/coordinator at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point; she also works extensively on forwarding the issue on a local and national level. Given this, local foods weren’t exactly a mystery to me and I thought my knowledge was approaching the mid-expert range.

Leave it to my mom to check me on my balloon-sized head; I learned a boatload and was inspired to increase my local and ethical eating efforts.  It’s amazing how many baking supplies can be bought locally.  Though I haven’t yet gotten to the point of being able to swing for the locally made chocolate as a baking supply (sorry, Gail), I’ve been able to up my use of local baking products significantly.  This has been most easily done with dairy products – milk, heavy whipping cream, sour cream, eggs, cheese…I have yet to find a dairy product that isn’t also made locally (they don’t call Wisconsin the dairy state for nothin’!).

Finding locally grown main ingredients has also been quite simple – especially since we joined a CSA this past year. The Spice-Roasted Winter Vegetables was made with all locally grown ingredients we had in our half-share (we split it with some friends).  As our local grocery store is big on locally-sourced products (yay Metcalfe’s!), we’re also easily able to find tons of other local produce, meat, jams, salsas, etc.  A few minutes farther will get us to our nearby Willy St. Co-op where we are apt to find multitudes of locally-made and grown goodies.  There’s even a spice store in town, Penzy’s, whose headquarters is a few hours away.  And if our timing is right, we can hit up one of the many farmer’s markets in town.

Though I consider us very lucky to have so much access to local goods, my mom has many helpful suggestions for those who aren’t so placed.

Want to know more?  Why don’t you listen to the good Dr. herself…

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