Pizza Parties!

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One of my favorite baking together discoveries of this past year is the joy of making pizzas with friends.  It all started with my last birthday… Caryl, one of my co-workers, had told me of the fun she has with make-your-own-pizza parties and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it.  I wanted to [...]

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Spice-Roasted Winter Vegetables or Why You Need Knife Skills

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There are two significant factors that culminated in Rick and I making this very simple recipe: Significant Factor #1. We are not good at making food during the week. The complicating factors here are many but the there are 2 biggies: we are often tuckered on school nights (how grown up does one have to be [...]

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Grandma Kitkowski’s Perfect Waffles

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So, I’m cheating a bit on this one…or perhaps just stretching the rules?  Making waffles in a waffle iron may or may not be considered baking, but it is going to be my test for a baking tip I just heard. For my friend’s wedding shower last weekend, her family set-up a cooking demonstration – [...]

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